Health Literacy

The following post was written by Kelsey Franklin, our Summer Student working in the Communications Department as a Fundraising Assistant.

I went to El Salvador a couple years ago without knowing a word of Spanish. I was terrified that the language barrier would hinder my trip, so I quickly made friends with the locals. However, I soon realized that language was the least pressing border I would face. It was the unfamiliar culture, jargon and norms that were the most difficult to grasp. Though I had an amazing experience, I can only imagine what my trip would have been without my El Salvadorian friends. From translating the menu, to attempting to explain the various cultural events we attended, I realized literacy extends much further than language. Continue reading Health Literacy

TechSpark Reflection

The following is a reflection piece written by two of our Summer Youth Workers, and former clients, who coordinated and oversaw our innovative TechSpark program. In it Agan Leyli and Shahal Ahmed take the opportunity to speak on how their time at Access Alliance, as youth clients and later as employees, have impacted them. Both have been an invaluable addition to the youth team, their time with us made even more meaningful by their start as youth clients: Continue reading TechSpark Reflection

Inspiring Change: Access Alliance Celebrates a Decade of Transformative Research

pic-1Informative, inspiring, celebratory…these are the words attendees used to describe the event Research for Change: Celebrating and Advancing 10 Years of Transformative Research. And what a cause for celebration! On April 27th, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Organization marked a significant milestone: one decade of accomplishments in community-based, -led, and -located research. Continue reading Inspiring Change: Access Alliance Celebrates a Decade of Transformative Research

Health with Dignity