Poetry for Perspective: The Life of a Refugee

JaysonBy Jayson-Tyler Sankarsingh

As a budding poet, Jayson has been writing poetry since 13 years old. His poem, ‘After 70 Days’ about the trapped Chilean miners was featured in York region after he received a letter of thanks from the Chilean president. 



He sees her lying there
Too troubled to rest
Yet too tired to stay awake
The circles around her eyes,
Portray her as a bandit,
Yet she is nothing of the sort.

He sees a tear swelling in her already sad eyes,
Yet he offers no tissue.
He sees a cough shake her violently,
Yet he offers no medicine.

She glances over and watches her daughter,
Her chest rising and falling,
And the rhythmical sound of her snore
She wants to hug her tight,
Let her know she will never leave.

After what seems like eternity,
It is morning,
The birds singing happily
The dew clinging to the grass
And the sun shining!

He watches them walk out

As they watch their breath in front of them,
They walk forward cautious of all eyes,
Fearing that every step could be their last,
Yet savouring the freedom in the air!
All the while petrified of being
caught and sent back.

Should he even question?
What did they do to deserve this?
Why must they live in hiding?
Do they not belong here?
And why would they leave everything they had,

For freedom?

He sits and ponders,
What he takes for granted, they hungrily desire;
his Rights are the stuff their dreams are made of
Stepping forward he opens
His heart and his helping hands.

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