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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS – Immigrants as Nation Builders

Hands - Mural

Access Alliance warmly invites contributions to our new blog series called Immigrants as Nation Builders which is going to be hosted as a special blog series on Newcomerhealthmatters.com. This special blog post series will feature everyday examples of how immigrants are transforming Canada, within and through the opportunities and adversities they face.

It will showcase critical writings by immigrants that highlight not just the deep impacts immigration/settlement has had in their lives but also how they are actively reshaping the social make up of Canada, in their own ways. The blog series will seek to challenge myths and misconceptions about immigrants with compelling real life stories of immigrants transcending boundaries, breaking silos and glass ceilings, bridging divides, overcoming adversities, challenging prejudices and privileges, reclaiming rights and belonging, advocating for the vulnerable, building community, and in so doing remaking the face and fabric of Canada.

Submission guidelines:

We welcome proposals from Canadian immigrants desiring to share – in writing, in interviews or in other non-traditional formats – their experiences as nation builders in spite of adversities.

Format Details:

Please, submit your compelling narratives in Word format, 800 words maximum, along with a picture or other relevant graphics that represent your experience as an immigrant nation builder. In cases where contributors desire confidentiality, all necessary steps will be taken for satisfaction of this requirement. You are invited to write in plain language, including everyday colloquial terms which give a real life touch to your story or call Dilyana Mincheva at Access Alliance for arrangement of an interview or engaged conversation. All factual data will be checked for accuracy.

Contact Information:

Dilyana Mincheva, PhD
Research Analyst

340 College St., Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5T 3A9
Tel: 416-324-8619 ext. 314

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