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Health Literacy

The following post was written by Kelsey Franklin, our Summer Student working in the Communications Department as a Fundraising Assistant.

I went to El Salvador a couple years ago without knowing a word of Spanish. I was terrified that the language barrier would hinder my trip, so I quickly made friends with the locals. However, I soon realized that language was the least pressing border I would face. It was the unfamiliar culture, jargon and norms that were the most difficult to grasp. Though I had an amazing experience, I can only imagine what my trip would have been without my El Salvadorian friends. From translating the menu, to attempting to explain the various cultural events we attended, I realized literacy extends much further than language. Continue reading Health Literacy


The Effects of Stigma on Accessing Mental Health Care

There are many perks to living in a city like Toronto, a drive down to Young and Dundas for shopping and a movie, a few blocks up to Young and Bloor for some delicious Shawarma, or Front and Jarvis St. for some grocery shopping at St. Lawrence Market. I feel confident in saying that you can find practically anything in this city. Continue reading The Effects of Stigma on Accessing Mental Health Care