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Mentorship breaking through in the digital age

On February 12th, AccessPoint on Danforth launched its first meet and greet between youth and  mentors as part of the Youth Departments Mentorship Program. This event welcomed 10 mentors from various careers including accounting, law, art and international relations.  The program was established in response to youth who wanted more information about professions they were interested in. In the initial planning stages an assessment was made of the career interest of the youth and from there targeted recruitment of professionals in those respective fields followed. These professionals were then matched with and introduced to interested youth at the event. Mentors were eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the nearly 20 youth who were present. It was wonderful to have so many youth come to the event and the success of the event was not in just the numbers but in the seedlings of relationships that were planted and will continue to grow. Continue reading Mentorship breaking through in the digital age