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Mayank Bhatt: Making Stories, Making Change

Mayank BhattEver since Mayank Bhatt landed in Canada, the topic of immigration and diaspora has preoccupied his literary imagination. Mayank considers his immigration to Canada “the riskiest gamble” which presents him with multiple adversities but also with invaluable opportunities to develop his literary talent and engage with what he loves the best: writing.  Mayank Bhatt – a former media and marketing professional – came to Canada in 2008 with his wife Mahrukh and son Che from India. Like many immigrants, he struggled to find a decent job and make ends meet. Facing discrimination and poverty in one of the most prosperous and supposed ‘multicultural’ nation did not drown his literary energy; rather, it served as the canvas and fuel for most of his writings to come. Continue reading Mayank Bhatt: Making Stories, Making Change